Daily Bible Verse
2 Corinthians 2:17 (peshitta)
For we are not like those who corrupt the word of God; but according to the truth, and as men of God we speak through Christ in the sight of God.
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Media Becomes Photos

ChristianBlog Account+
published . 2 min read
Greetings Christian Bloggers, Today, March 02, 2017, ChristianBlog.Com is announcing that we are bring to an end our nearly four year old "Media" feature. It is being replaced with our new "Photos" feature, a multi-month project that has resulted in a completely new design and interaction with the photographs that you upload. Our new 'Photos' allows you to view significantly more information about photographs, provides much easier access to acquiring the photograph links, and includes a powerful new rotation feature to help you correctly rotate any photographs that might have gotten oriented incorrectly - a common problem today with mobile phone cameras. Image Sizes: We have shifted focus away from using tiny images (60 px and 80 px) and now offer a......

Use your God given authority

John Knox+
published . 3 min read
It is time to take control of your life, for if you do not, someone or circumstances will rule over you. Most likely these ‘other rulers’ will not have your best interests at heart. From my experience only the God of the Bible has a plan for us that will cause us to prosper and be over comers. But we have to first show that we mean business with God before he will help us. Is this a radical thought? Far too many of Gods believers sit around waiting for God to act and solve their problems. God is not a wizard. Despite this knowledge many Christians expect God to act like a benevolent wizard. ‘Poof’ and all will be OK. Sometimes their prayers will reflect this attitude. We need to realize that God and we are in a partnership; for the moment we were born again and......

The fingerprints of God

K Reynolds+
published . 3 min read
It seemed like they would have every reason to be angry at God. Late last summer their youngest child had been born with Down's Syndrome late last summer. Like a lot of children with Down's Syndrome, he has heart trouble. There are two holes in his heart as well as an unclosed pulmonary artery and a mitral valve that is too tight.He spent many weeks in intensive care. He is home now but is still must be fed by a feeding tube. I met this precious little boy, his mom, dad and his three siblings for the first time last week. I had learned his story a few weeks ago when the pastor who heads the prayer teams, sent out a prayer request to all the prayer team members. Yes, we could pray but my husband wondered if there was something more we could do for this family. We decided to find......

The wrong point of view

K Reynolds+
published . 3 min read
I couldn't understand it. I simply could not understand it. Of course I knew that younger drivers were neither as experienced or as good of drivers as myself (each generation seems to think that about the younger generation the older they get), but I just could not understand why anyone would back out of a parking spot staring straight ahead. What was wrong with these people? Were they that distracted or careless? Why didn't they pay attention to where they were going? If I hadn't been paying attention, they might have hit me! Hmm... they were probably sending a text and trying to back up at the same time. Silly people! This sort of thing seemed to be happening more and more, much to my chagrin. Then a few weeks ago I became one of "those" people. Yes, I must......

Written in my heart god's assignment

Dorothy Von Lehe
published . 2 min read
Written In My Heart: God’s Assignment (#10) I have started to share the awesome work done by the Holy Spirit after I surrendered to God. I now hear the Holy Spirit speak within me; most often by guiding my thoughts, but, at times by directly hearing Him speak within in a calm soft voice. In this writing, I will testify to the ministry assignment given that first month, October 2001. On the night when my spirit was regenerated, October 2, 2001, and I was "born again," I felt this sense of urgency as if there was something Jesus wanted me to do. I earnestly prayed to know what it was Jesus had prepared in advance for me to do. The Holy Spirit spoke within me this revelation on Saturday (a Sabbath), October 27, 2001: Minister to Children, Focus on the Young, These Little Ones......

Cry out today for my wisdom

John Knox+
published . 1 min read
Cry out for wisdom my people for wisdom is standing in your path and she will be your companion. Do not seek after your own wisdom for this is foolishness for my wisdom will bring understanding and clarity to you in this hour. Seek out wisdom, press into my wisdom says the Lord, for I freely give of my wisdom to those who hunger and thirst for my understanding. For my wisdom will be the Key of David that will unlock the door to heaven. I say to those who are weary and burdened with the cares of this world, stop reasoning and seek my wisdom. My wisdom is not hidden but stands on the street corners Wisdom is crying out to be asked into your home; do you hear her cry says the Lord? Turn your ear to my wisdom for wisdom is the beginning of understanding and the acquiring of my presence says......

The challenge of change

Nancy Stank
published . 4 min read
We all have plans. Plans for the day, the week, the month. Plans for our future, our children, our retirement. Oh, the plans we make, and Oh, how quickly they can change right before our eyes. I remember being in high school, thinking that one day I would go on to school in some area of psychology. I was sure I was going to have a successful career, hopefully one day get married, probably not have kids (I really wasn’t a “kid” person)….. I had many plans back then, not a single one of them worked out the way I had anticipated. My plans changed in many ways, because of many events, because of choices I made, some good and some bad, but in the end God’s plan came together just as He had planned. I am married now, for the second time, not as I would’ve......